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Find out how to contact Scott Commercial Contracting for for your civil construction project in South Florida.
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Scott Commercial Contracting specializes in civil construction projects in South Florida. Our experienced team is ready to answer your questions about our services and help you start planning your construction project, ensuring it comes in on time and on budget.

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We work with municipal departments, utility companies, the state of Florida and much more. Let us answer your questions about your project and show you how we can help.

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At Scott Commercial Contracting, we never subcontract our work or hire third-party groups for any part of our projects. Thanks to the extensive experience of our team, we can offer comprehensive construction services ourselves, so you always know who is doing your work.

We believe in results, not pre-prescribed solutions. We’ve developed our approach to project planning, allowing us to customize our services to the specific needs of our clients.
Get the Results You Need

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Get information about how we can help with vacuum excavation, underground utility, directional drilling, civil construction, and more in South Florida by contacting our team today. Call us at (239) 340-8695 or complete our form below.

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